Auditing Your Habits

“The day you stop challenging yourself, is the day that growth stops.”


Did you know that ninety-five percent of everything you do on a daily basis is due to habits?  Also did you know that where you are today is a result of your habits six months to a year ago? Even the responses you make to random situations that arise are due to habits you’ve adopted.  The key to obtaining your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself is by changing your habits.

See, the only difference between what makes you where you are, and what makes a millionaire or billionaire where they currently are is the habits each person practices. At this juncture you may ask, what kind of habits do I need to change if I want my life to be different six months to a year from now? Surprisingly the answer is not very difficult.  It’s the implementation that’s difficult. Implementation is what most people fail at. It’s also what the uber successful consistently succeed at. It’s time to take ownership and tackle these problems head on.



Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top left write “Group A”, and at the top right, write “Group B”.  Now write down every single thing you do on a daily basis and separate them into these two groups. Group A and Group B.  Everything in the “Group A” column will be all the activities you do on a daily basis that clearly moves you towards your goal of where you want to be six months to a year from now.  Everything in the “Group B” column will be all the activities you do on a daily basis that will not necessarily help you achieve where you want to be six months to a year from now.

The goal of this exercise is to only do items in Group A from now on, and to stop doing those items in Group B. Group B would be items such as watching tv, drinking with the buddies at the pub, surfing facebook and youtube, lengthy phone calls with friends and family, cooking dinner, mowing the lawn, etc. Now after reading this last sentence, some of your limiting beliefs are already trying to creep into your thoughts telling you things like “but these items need to be done” or “I deserve a break to watch tv and hang out with my friends”. I’m going to stop you right here. You cannot allow limiting beliefs to control your actions! That’s exactly why you are where you are, and the uber successful are where they are. They do not allow ANY limiting thought or limiting person control their actions.

Yes, some of these items may truly need to be addressed, however this is not the best use of your time. Items such as cooking dinner and mowing the lawn can easily be delegated to others in order to free you up to put more focus on your A Group. How many billionaires do you think cook their own dinner daily, mow the lawn, and pick up their dry cleaning?

Yes, you deserve breaks, but only as a reward for forward movement. Not as the status quo! We live in a society that teaches entitlement. Entitlement to take breaks and reward ourselves even when we haven’t produced any results. Entitlement to receive undeserved monetary handouts.  Entitlement to disrespect others and entitlement to complain if life isn’t fair, etc. Entitlement = Selfishness. Entitlement is the poison to living a fulfilling life, and also one of the main ingredients to living a mediocre life. It’s ok to take breaks, but take breaks and reward yourself when you reach a certain goal or KPI (key performance index). This will teach you that breaks and rewards are a result of productive work, not part of a entitled lifestyle.

Now hang this document somewhere you’ll see not long after waking up, such as on your mirror in the bathroom. Read through it consciously every morning and make a commitment to yourself not to partake in any items that are in Group B.  I also recommend looking at it again just prior to going to bed.  To help insure you stick with it, put some accountability in place. Post your list on the Immersion Lifestyle Facebook group, and ask a few people around you to hold you accountable. You’re now going to take the time you net back from those Group B items and use it towards accomplishing more of your Group A items! This is exactly how the uber successful operate.


The top 5% understand that their habits are getting them closer to their desired goal or either hindering them from achieving it.  This is why they are so intentional and dogmatic about what they do on a daily basis.


So how do you take all the Group B items off your plate? Use the 3 D’s method.

  • Delete – Completely remove and discard of this item
  • Defer – Wait until a another point in time to address this item
  • Delegate – Ask someone else to take care of this item for you

If you desire the lifestyle of  the top 5%, then you must learn their methodology and strategies. Once the methods and strategies are learned, you must implement, and once implemented you can start living like the 5%.


Welcome to the 5%!
Jud Johnson



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